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An Italian Story

Born in 2021 from an idea by Maria Vittoria Lazzarini Merloni, VItoVI combines quality and style, elegance and inclusivity. Traceability and transparency. Creativity, authenticity, tradition, and craftsmanship.

This is what lies behind the realization of VItoVI's blazers: Made in Italy garments with a tailored construction that aims to live through seasons and trends. Thanks to the high quality of the craftsmanship and attention to details, our jackets are designed to last.

The sporty-chic allure of the brand is the result of the fusion between casualness and femininity, representing the expression of spontaneous elegance and lively, refined style.

Different styles and models giving every blazer an identity of its own, answering to the constant research of the highest quality in crafting processes and fabrics choices. Precise cuts, well-defined shoulders, precise edges and stitches, strategic lengths, designer buttons, open buttonholes, and linings with bold stripes. The models are deconstructed or with shoulder pads, single-breasted or double-breasted, with a shirt collar or revers.

Meet the

Maria Vittoria Lazzarini Merloni, Vicky to her friends, conceived the project in 2021, basing it on the association between the quintessential male and formal garment, the blazer, and the Marche region. With a degree in International Relations and a passion for style more than fashion, Vicky sees it as the art of communication, a way in which people reveal their own character.

For Vicky, the jacket is the synthesis of everyone's style: which one you choose and how you wear it immediately reveal who you are. VItoVI follows this philosophy and is born as a collection of meticulously crafted blazers, with a tailored and masculine-inspired cut; strong garments with a modern, straight-forward, and versatile twist. The jacket becomes a language, a bold statement of style.

Quality and style. Elegance and inclusion.
Traceability and transparency. Creativity, authenticity, tradition and craftsmanship.

Our commitment
tailored construction
timeless garments